Stranded on State

About Us

At Stranded on State our mission is to give the world a taste of college life at UW-Madison, and create funny, relateable content for every college student. We seek to provide meaningful entertainment for students, by students.

The Team
Matt Shaw Headshot Matt Shaw
Cofounder + Editor
New York, NY
Jake Jennings Headshot Jake Jennings
Cofounder + Creative Director
Houston, TX
Rachel Young Headshot Rachel Young
Head of Marketing
Chicago, IL
Henry Diehl Headshot Henry Diehl
CTO / Head of Technology
Detroit, MI
Philip Levin Headshot Philip Levin
Associate Developer
New York, NY
Eli Hartman Headshot Eli Hartman
Social Media Coordinator
Livingstin, NJ
Jacob Kerstein Headshot Jacob Kerstein
Creative Associate
Philadelphia, PA